Print flyers in Yekaterinburg

Flyers – the most economical and operational view of printed products. Its main objective – in compressed form to provide information about the company, discounts and promotions, to “sell” your product. The main difference from other types of leaflets printed products – no folding (folds) and binding. The name “flyer” is closely connected with the revolutionary events and military actions. Initially, it notifies the broad masses of the political and military events.

It is proved that the consumer evaluates the leaflet only the first three minutes. If a cursory view nothing has come to his attention, this leaflet is thrown in the trash. This means that the money for its creation have been spent in vain.

To this did not happen, you must observe the following rules:

1. The basic idea of ​​the leaflet should be expressed briefly and concentrated.
2. The writing style – simple and clear.
3. Making worth doing vivid and memorable.
4. It is better if the leaflet contains one specific goal, one motivation for action.

Flyers should pay attention to themselves, “evident” to arouse interest. It uses colorful illustrations, readable font, color accents on the most important details. Do not make the font is very small, as this will prevent the rapid perception. A goal leaflets lies in quickly attracting attention of potential customers.

Flyers are extremely attractive in terms of price, it is one of the most cost types of printing.

What are the leaflets?

Classical flyer – A4 (290 x 210 mm) with single-sided or double-sided color printing. Quality and paper weight may be different, the choice depends on your budget and goals. Most use coated paper. It can be both matte and glossy, it all depends on your preference.

For leaflets, which are distributed, it is recommended to take the paper 115 gr.

For representative can pick up leaflets paper increased density to 300 gr.m2. This will be printed to show the stability and solidity of your company.

By the method of printing a leaflet can be digital or offset. With a small print run of up to 1000 pieces the best way to printing – digital. If you want to print leaflets in large numbers, you should pay attention to the offset. Cost of such printing is much lower, with excellent workmanship.

Undoubtedly, flyers – an important type of printing, because they are your tool in finding and attracting customers. Quality flyer competent design resonates buyer, pushes him to the decision to purchase. Therein lies its main marketing objectives.


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