Leaflets – Emphasis on efficiency

Leaflets – a “weapon of mass destruction”, without which no cost, no promotion and presentation of the event. Leaflets spread in places where the target audience and spread around the entrance. Every day we fished from mailboxes bunch of paper and advertising. It is important that the potential buyer or customer not throw your flyer in the trash with them. For this purpose it is necessary to surprise and interest. Emphasis is placed on the original design and high-quality printing leaflets.

Use of leaflets has no age. They have long been printed to inform, campaigning and advertising without losing relevance due to its cheapness and efficiency. And if earlier the emphasis was mainly on the campaign goal (remember revolutionary or military leaflets), today this type of printing is almost always in the service of advertising. With the development of digital technology it became possible to print attractive full-color flyers. And even after that leaflets are budget option of advertising printing, for which he is in great demand.

Design flyers can be divided into components: the appearance and design, text and contact details. Each of these units should be taken carefully, so that eventually turned out a harmonious and effective product.

There are a few simple tips to remember that your leaflets really work for the promotion of the company and your products.

Clear concise text, simple language, short succinct sentence.

In order to attract the target audience, select the keywords of your treatment. Label “quality footwear”, “furniture”, “Luxury cosmetics” immediately attract the target audience to indicate a person that he is interested in the information.

The main commercial offer formulate in one sentence and specifically highlight the text – large font, bright color, etc.

Think about what your flyer can be useful to the recipient. This requires details that make it self-sufficient: table size, bus schedule, calendar, a list of important addresses or phone.

Print flyers accounts for a large portion of all orders printing companies. Due to this we have a lot of experience in building design and printing. Our designers will help you to choose any format of advertising printing – from low-budget black-and-white leaflets to dense glossy finish with postprinting.


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